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Introducing the new generation of eSDB

A new self-dehydrating condition-based breather type eSDB

with a double tank present in the entire product range as a stand-alone solution for increased performance and safety.

The new type of eSDB has a robust and compact design with no external wires.

  • Robust and compact design
  • No external wires
  • Plug-in DIN / EN flange for an easy installation and retrofit
  • Universal power supply: 115 to 230 VAC/DC

The new type of self-dehydrating breather eSDB is lighter and requires less space for installation

  • Compact design
  • ~50% lighter

Transformers with conservators breathe during the heating and cooling cycle

We have implemented a double tank and condition-based technology in the entire product range to increase performance and safety and guarantee the uninterrupted continuous moisture absorption.

The new self-dehydrating breather eSDB has two tanks filled with special silica gel. A load cell is continuously monitoring silica gel weight increase. When the first tank is saturated, a smart solenoid valve deviates the passage of the air to the secondary tank.

  1. Double tank
  2. Silica gel
  3. Load cell
  4. Smart solenoid valve

When air breathed by the conservator goes through the tank A any moisture is absorbed by special silica gel.

The moisture in the outer air increases the weight of the gel.

When the variation of weight exceeds the set threshold value a smart solenoid valve blocks the passage of air through the saturated tank A and deviates the air flow through tank B.

Simultaneously a heating system inside tank A is activated for regeneration of silica gel salts.

Silica gel regeneration is happening only when needed.

Usually, two breathers are installed at a power transformer:

One breather for the oil circuit of the on-load tap-changer, and a second breather for the transformer tank.
The new compact design of the self-dehydrating breather eSDB enables easy installation.

  • Stand-alone ready-to-use solution
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofitting
    • 270° rotation allowing for easier installation in a limited space
    • Plug-in flange DIN/EN for retrofit installations

The operator can use a simple USB-A key for firmware upgrade and data download.

The new user-friendly interface allows full control over the threshold set-up and functionality check on-site.

  • Interactive display
  • User friendly interface for threshold set up and functional test
  • Firmware update and a data collection o-site through USB-A key
Idle Warm up Cooling Drying (yellow)
Electronic failure Heater fail EV fail Sensor fail (red)
USB connected Tank temperature (°C) Salt saturation (%)

We act with social responsibility, striving for sustainability.

We aim to be part of an increasing circular economy.

Our packaging material is almost 100% recyclable. By choosing our new self-dehydrating breather type eSDB, you do not need to worry about silica gel replacement and disposal.

  • 90% less of silica gel disposal compared to conventional breather
  • ~100% recyclable packaging
  • 90% less of silica gel disposal compared to conventional breather
  • ~100% recyclable packaging

Introducing the newest range of eSDB:
a proven technology supporting you throughout the entire transformer lifecycle.

Condition Based
Condition Based
Condition Based
Condition Based
Application OLTC Network <60 MVA Network >60 MVA <200 MVA Generator and Network >200 MVA
Peterson Coil Phase Shifting <60 MVA Phase Shifting >60 MVA <200 MVA Phase Shifting >200 MVA
Cable Boxes Shunt Reactors <60 MVA Shunt Reactors >60 MVA <200 MVA Shunt Reactors >200 MVA
Traction Step Up >60 MVA <200 MVA HVDC

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